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To Parents
Whenever children are being transported from the Nursery, a written attendance checklist is taken to make sure that all children are accounted for by name and sight at each transition, inclusive of each time a vehicle is exited. A copy of the driving record will be obtained of any person who will be transporting the children.
Wiz Kidz Nursery does not have pets on the premises. Prior to adding pets to the Nursery, parents will be notified in writing. If and when pets are added, the children will be closely surprised when the animals are accessible to ensure that both the children and the animals are protected from harm.
If your child has pet allergies, please inform us verbally and also write them down on the Health History Form under the allergies section.
Emergency Procedures
In case of an emergency that would require an evacuation, children will be evacuated through the nearest safe exit. The attendance form and list of phone numbers for parents and emergency contacts will be taken along to ensure that all children are accounted and all families notified.
Items To Be Provided by Parents

Disposable diapers
Baby wipes
Lotions, creams and / or powder
Bottles for water, formula, and / or milk
Bib and spoons for feeding
Full change of clothing including underwear and socks

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